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Tenant wants to add roommate  

I have a great  tenant that wants to have her boyfriend move in with her.  On the lease it requires written permission from landlord (aka me) to have another person occupy the property.  The forms that I have found for roommate has them added to the lease.  In the case the tenant still want to be solely responsible for rent and lease and not add the boyfriend to the lease.  I have done the background check on the boyfriend and everything looks acceptable.    My question is what is the best way to communicate my acceptance in writing?  I basically want to allow him to stay there but have the current tenant still be the one responsible for rent / lease.  My main concern is if i add the boyfriend on the lease and they break up at some point I don't want to try to track him down to have him removed from the lease.  what are my best options? The link above is to the  Roommate lease addendum - it is an editable document so you can edit, add, or remove.
Make sure you protect yourself from having unauthorized tenant!
So if she moves out and leaves him there how hard will it be to enforce your lease?  Can you get him out?  Will it take a lawyers and time and money?  In other words, ALL occupants should be listed on the lease.
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