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Program to track income and expenses

Hi,  I'm looking for a software program to help me keep track of a couple of rentals. Checking past posts I didn't see anything mentioned recently. I checked the internet a found a few. I want something to install on my computer. Any suggestions? Nothing too complicated. Has anyone worked with Rental Property Manager (, Buildium ( or Rental Property Organizer ( Thanks

Go with the intuit program as they are the same company that makes Quickbooks and you're probably all ready using it.
Tried Quickbooks and didn't like it. I'm using a spreadsheet. Looking for opinions as to what others are using and why. Came across the one from Simp-List and it looks interesting. Was hoping someone here has been using it and could give some feedback. I'm not interested in placing my info into some server in a cloud. Thanks for replying. It looks like not many want to discuss this issue. can track your income and expenses. It's a new property management web site for landlords that is currently in beta. I know you said you wanted something that can install on your computer, however it's nice to have it on the web so you can access it from any computer (or on a mobile device) and not have to worry about transferring files/programs or backing up your data. Since it's beta you get 2 months free, after that it'd only be $5/month if you have 1-2 properties.  It's simple and intuitive to use, which is more than I can say for other software I've used such as Quicken Rental Property Manager and LandlordMAX.   Some of the features: - Manage your properties, tenants, lease agreements, and rental finances. - Generate alerts when tenants are late on rent, when a tenant's lease is ending, etc... - Run reports on things like net operating income, cash on cash invested, etc... - Document sharing (lease agreements, eviction notices) - Prospective tenant history search
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