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Green Pool

Hello.  I have a tenant that stopped servicing our pool.  It is in the lease that the tenant is to maintain and clean the pool.  Our tenant decided for whatever reason to turn the pump off and no longer do anything with our pool which in turn caused algae (green and brown) to grow.  The neighbor called to tell me that our pool was green and there was trash floating in it.  It has cost us just under $500 in chemicals to get the pool clean (still has brown algae in it.)  Renter agreed verbally to pay $100 additional for pool maintenance for the next four months until his lease is up.  Also he asked that we spread the balance of pool chemicals over a few months so we did that over the next four months as well.  I just picked up the rent check (under the mat as usual) and it is only for the rent due.  The amount does not include the pool cleaning or balance due for chemicals.    I would love advice on what to do next
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Marcus and Lori... I suppose you could deduct the amount from the tenants security deposit, just be sure to save receipts, photos, etc. You may also start the eviction process since a term of the lease has been broken. I know this site offers the docs you could use.
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