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Cardboard Fine?!?!

Recently my landlord was fined 300.00 by the state of NY because my rommate and I have been leaving our cardboard boxes out on the curb. Apparently, we were supposed to be breaking them down and tying them up with twine and leaving them in a trash recepticle area (which we did not know was for us).  This was never explained to us by the landlord before, and she is now holding us accountable for the 300.00 (!) fine. Is this right? Legal?

Who hired the trash co to pickup the garbage?
If you rented a car and parked it illegally should the rental car company pay your fine? Some things in life don't seem fare and your issue borders that but think about it this way, why should your landlord be stuck with your fine? Are you ready to end a good relationship with your landlord for the remainder of your lease? Ask you landlord if they will split the fine with you or if they will pay maybe 25%. they don't want to lose you too.
I believe that if the Landlord orders and pays for the garbage service, Landlord should supply you with the particulars such as garbage day, etc and at least suggest that you call them for information on placing garbage curbside. If you contact them for service, than it's your responsibility and you should pay the fine.
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