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Tenant negligence?????

Tenants claimed a wind storm blew the sturdy screen door open and detached it from the wood/door jam area and the screen part of it was torn out.  I lived in the house for years and never had this happen....of course, i always made sure the screen door was latched. They offered to fix it if i take money off next month's rent but I say it is their fault for leaving the door unlatched and it blowing and blowing until the door pulled from the hinges. there is no evidence that the door blew open after being closed properly...the latch area is in fine shape.  so, can i claim negligence on their part and explain to them that i will take a portion of the security deposit to fix it?

Anna, there is normal wear and tear on a property, however if you did want to deduct it from their security be sure to keep all documentation and be sure to use this doc...
After thorough investigation and as long as you follow the right procedures, i think it should fine to deduct it from their security deposit.
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