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Ok so if the lease I had them sign was from Nebraska/Iowa back in Sept. It is not valid in the state of Arizona?  They are saying it is Illegal for me to ask them to pay for the pool repair due to the fact that is has an old pump and by law I have to upgrade Jan 1 2012 #44  I have said all pool repairs are their responsibility after the initial repair back in Oct...There is nothing written in the lease specific about the pool  The tenant is disabled and needs the pool for health reasons..and are planning on filing  papers with the Az tenants rights .This house what a pain...Never buy a 2x foreclosure that was vacant for 2 yrs..   I was not aware that there were so many issues with this house...Bought over a weekend cash sale..Sight unseen...  Looks like I will get the new pump put in asap  I guess I only have 10 days to comply   
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