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Legality of paying mgmt fees when cancel PMA

We want to cancel our PMA and continue with our tenants (whose lease will go month-to-month).  The PMA provides for termination of contract with 60-days notice (no issue here) and hence, we're on the hook to pay management fees for those 2 months.  However, the Agreement also reads "If terminated by Owner, where there is a lease still in effect at the date of term. of Agreement, the Owner agrees to pay the agent the monthly mgmt fee for the unexpired term of the lease AND as long as the same tenant in which the prop mgmt company was the procuring cause remains in the property."  QUERY:  My reading is that we are on the hook to pay the 2 months mgmt fee, but as the lease goes month-to-month, there is no further obligation to continue to pay, despite same tenants in the house, b/c there is no long an "unexpired term of the lease."  HOWEVER, a friend thinks we're on the hook until tenants move out....BUT this does not seem legal.  Is it in PA?   Appears usurious and makes it nearly impossible to truly cancel the arrangement with a continuing obligation to pay a mgmt fee once the lease agreement goes month-to-month, despite giving 60-days notice.  Advice??  which interpretation is correct? If the latter, is it legal in PA??  Would it stand up in court?  Thanks!

Andrea, I would contact your Prop Manager and have them verify the cancellation policy. Express to them you are uncertain of what that text "actually" means. They should certainly be able to explain it better then assuming.
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