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Perfecting legal ownership of property

Issue #1:  My husband died in 2004.  He had a will.  I was told since I was the sole beneficiary and all his children were of major age, I didn't have to get it probated.    Issue#2:  For some reason, my name is not on the deed document  Issure#3  I was selling the house and the title company needed to me to create a paper trail of proof of ownership and heirs-at-law.  Two of his children were adopted by their step-fathers.  Two were not.  When the children were contacted concerning certain documents/information and signing heirship affidavits, they decided they had a right to their father's half of the estate on the sale of the house.  I can correct the ownership issues with no problem.  My main question is:  Are the adopted children still his legal heirs?  Second:  Can they come after the on-half of the estate, even though his will gave me everything?  Anyway, I stopped the sale of the house.  I will wait two more years to reach the 10 yr. deadline to contest the will.  They can take me to court.  They think their  daddy owes them.  I paid for almost everything.  They rarely came to see him, especially during the time he was dying at home.    Sorry this was so long.  Ann
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Linda, I would ask your lawyer. This question is really to complicated to answer and outside of the landlord tenant questions.
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