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Air Conditioning Broke

I have a tenant who notified me that the air conditioner in the the Condo was not blowing cold air/a lot of air Memorial Day weekend.  I offered to have the Property Manager come out to the Condo that day but the Tenant declined because he was on vacation.  The Property Manager went out to the Condo the day after the Tenant returned from vacation.  Property Manager noticied that the Air Filter in the main HVAC Unit was hitting the fan and needed replaced.  Property Manager readjusted the Air Filter and the Tenant stated that it was cooler and blowing cold air and that was the issue.  Property Manager stated that she would come the next day with a new filter, however, the Tenant stated that he would pick up a new filter himself.  2 weeks later, on June 11th, I receive a phone call from the Tenant stating he replaced the air filter yesterday evening and the air is not any cooler.  I called the Warranty Company that day and an AC Technican was dispatched for Wednesday that week.  AC Technican was new to company and "thought" he needed a ladder to access the In Unit AC Unit.  AC appointment rescheduled to Friday with Owner of the Company.  Owner/AC Technican came out late Friday, diagnosed the issue, and called the Warranty Company to request repair.  Warrant Company denied repair due to the age of the AC Unit and requested a replacement.  AC Company didn't know what type of AC Unit to replace it with because the AC Unit is over 25 years old and the make and model tags were removed.  Wednesday of the following week, the Warranty Company notified me that I need to contact the Condo Association with details on the AC Units in the Condos.  Completed this and received all information by Friday.  Provided the information to the Warranty Company.  AC Company called and stated how difficult a replacement AC Unit would be and the out of pocket expenses would be in the hundreds, close to $1000 dollars.  Warranty Company agreed to repair the issue instead of a replacement and ordered the parts.  Parts took 5 business days for the AC Company to receive.  AC Company came on July 5th to repair the AC Unit.  Noticied another repair was needed.  Condo was cooling but not quickly.  Consistently stayed at 80 degrees.  AC Technican attempted to make additional repair on July 7th but the Tenant did not show up for the AC Technican to make the fix.  On July 9th, the AC Technican made the additional fix.  Now today, the Tenant is saying that it is only going down to 79 degress but is definitely cooler in the Condo.  AC Technican is coming out again today, July 10th, to look at the AC Unit again.  The Tenant is talking about withholding rent due for August due to the circumstances.  What are my rights here?  The Condo is located in Imperial, Pa (Near Pittsburgh, Pa).  I have spoken with the Warranty Company and AC Company pretty much daily to get this fixed ASAP.  And the AC Company has been to the property 5 times in a month now to fix this issue.  Any advice or assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds as if you are doing your due diligence and it's not like you are not trying to fix it.  If the tenant does not pay rent you can serve them with a pay or quit.
I agree. I own an A/C company in Phoenix and these things do happen. There is nothing else you can do but what you have done. The tenant needs to pay you as you are trying to get it fixed and dealing with a condo and an home warranty company sometimes takes some time.
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