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planting shrubs on rented property by landlord

My home is in Bucks county PA,.which is rented now. I would like to plant a few shrubs for reducing taffic noise on one side of the property that facing a main road. since it is very hard to get in touch with the tenant and  tenant's cell phone's message bank is full...Should I send a letter??? I did e-mailed but no reply. Please help. Maggie

Thank you Karen for your advice. If I am not able to reach him after all my efforts, do I have the right to plant those shrubs or the whole property belongs to the tenant while he is renting?Leaving a note on the door let's say what proof do I have that I really left the note. Should I take a picture of it on the door.It might sounds silly but I just want to do things right.
Yes, I would try all avenues to reach the tenant. Calling, emailing, message left on property...
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