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Too many dogs in one bedroom apartment

I just took over a property that needs alot of work, but I'm mostly concerned about a tenant that has 4 huge pitbulls in her one bedroom apt. They seem to get out of the apt. many times. she always states that her dogs dont bite. They look scary and they seem to want to attack anyone or anything that passes by. I called animal control, but they are limited to do things. By the time they come out. Dogs are long gone. I'm filing an eviction for possession.becuse of her 4 dogs. I looked at her payment history and I see that she paid for two dogs. But what can I do in the meantime, for the tenant safety. I am so out of answers. please help
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If the previous lease states 2 dogs, then thats a violation of the lease... which is grounds for an eviction if the issue is not cured. As far as safety, its hard to resolve anything when no issue has yet to arrise. You can't really do anything because a dog "looks scary".
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