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Rent out a property

Could you tell me the  sequential steps to rent out a property?  

Madhu, it quite a lot to type here in the forum. I would suggest doing a little online research. It's always best to get informed for your state. I am sure each landlord has their own way of obtaining renters.
Hi madhu,  There are so many ways but every landlords should have his own terms and conditions. So, it will be good to consult some landlords for help.  According to me you may follow some process i.e.  * Prepare the unit for showing  * Get your paper work in order * Research the market rents and advertise accordingly, then  * show your property and choose your new tenant.
First of all, look for a rental company in your area, as in a property management company. They are the best people to guide your in home rental process.  You can also register at online rental companies and list your house details with its features and pictures. This works the fastest these days.  ---  Agent at Lone Star Realty
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