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Should tenants be responsible for garbage bins.

Garbage bins are required to be pushed out to the curb once a week.  I (landlord) used to do this while I was living in the multi-unit building.  Was wondering if I can have the tenants take turns doing this instead. What kind of notice should I post to them if this is possible?

I do not see why this wouldn't be the case. If it's not currently in the lease, I would create an amendment to add it.
No reason tenants cannot be asked to do this chore, after all most landlords are paying for the trash.  An ordinary homeowner,pays for his trash and has to put it out on the curb.  I also lived in my apartment building and did the chore, when we moved  out.  I sent a letter which was an addendum to the contract requiring my tenants to take care of their own trash can.  No one complained and now it is in the contract.
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