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Adding utilities after tenant has signed lease agreement.

New landlord down in Florida. Recently realized we made an error in our lease, failed to add tenant is responsible for water and there an addendum for this? any suggestions?

I have had a situation like this, to where we added utilities to be paid by the tenant after the lease was executed. You can see a redacted copy of my addendum at the link below. In my situation, my executed lease listed utilities the tenant was responsible for and I was simply adding to the list list. If you're does not list it at all I would take a look at the leases on here and use the phrasing there in an addendum.
You can add extra terms and conditions, but these must comply with the Act in the state. To avoid problems in the future, always screen the tenants before renting out an apartment. I use tenant screening services from Tropicana Realty.
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