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Electric need help

I live on the bottom floor of the apartment we have a garage and it is hooked together with the other apartments garage but I just found out that we are paying for the upstairs apartments electricity in her garage is that legal? I only found out because my power was turned off the landlord never said anything to us about it. And I have asked her to call the power company and have them do a walk through on the apartment because our house doesn't hold heat and they won't do it. My other problem is I can't run my blow dryer and my dishwasher in the same room with out blowing the breaker and it's in diffrent rooms what do I do my landlord won't do anything about any of this.

I do not believe it's legal for you to be paying for someone else's electricity as a renter. Your landlord should be able to have an electrician handle that.
Thanks for sharing your signifcant thoughts.
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