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Problem w/landlord need advice.

Need advice regarding landlord? I've lived in this building about 2 months. Last wednesday my kitchen blew a fuse. On Thurs I called the landlord about it. He said he'd be out in 45 min. I left and came home a few hours later and the light works but the rest of kitchen doesn't. I called him back he said "oh I'm glad you called I will have to get an electrician out there tomorrow". Friday comes electrician never shows. At 1pm I called the landlord back left 2 messages one stating the electrician no show. The second was that I was hungry and no longer staying there to wait. He called me back and says "sorry I've been busy it'll have to be Monday". I ask him about what time, he says he will call me at 830-9am, then asks me if I like pizza and that he will leave $25 for me when he gets off work. At about 530pm i get a vm that he picked up my mail out of the mailbox (they are open) and left the money and mail on the table.  Sunday (yesterday) it snowed real bad here about 8 inches or so. So this morning I here a plow truck plowing the back parking lot (these apts are just one building). I see my landlord pay the driver and then watch him begin to clean the snow off of all our cars for us and shovel behind them. Nice guy, I'm thinking he'll be up anytime to let me know what is going on w/this electrician that again is still not here. Nope, nothing, he left never called me. At 4:30pm I called him and got his vm. I was pretty pissed so I hung up w/o leaving anything. This man can give me money, deliver my mail (second time he's done it) clean all the snow off our cars (all unessecary by the way) but will not follow through on what he is telling me about my kitchen. I am beginning to think he is blowing me off. I have now missed out on 2 days of job hunting and a job fair due to this no show electrician (yes I want to be present during this time). I am getting pissed. However, he keeps doing all these other things that are gonna make me look stupid if I am. Still no call back from him it is 6pm. Any advice?  Oh ps the electrical part of the building is not up to code. His own words. ???
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It's the landlords responsibility to fix the kitchen, if its broken... unless otherwise stated in your lease. If its not fixed, then the landlord is breaking a term of the agreement. You may have the option to end the lease and move out if its not resolved.
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