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Maintenance Repairs

There was a tiny water leak from the washer hose that caused damage to laminate floors.  The damage was noted and the tenant was noted they would not be charged for damages.  The tenant is now requesting repair of the floor.  The repair she is requesting is repair to a laminate wood board that is separating from the other board and causing less than 1/4 inch gap.  This is not hazardous and is basically cosmetic.  Can I tell the tenant that I am not fixing and they will not be charged for damages?  My property (condo) is in Portsmouth, Virginia.
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The tenants may have felt insecure to pay the damage that's why they let you know about the damage occurred by water leak. It depends upon your lease agreement term that who will be responsible for the repair. My apartment has been managed by property managers at Hunter Rentals & Property Management. They do everything on my behalf right from advertising, tenant screening, to repair and maintenance of the property.
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