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Possible issues working from home as PM

My husband and I have a few years experience in property management and owning rentals. We're working for other PMs now but are considering getting licensed and starting our own PM company in the next few years. The initial plan is to work from home until we are managing enough properties that we're forced to hire employees and move to an office.  Any foreseen problems with this possibility? I just realized I wasn't sure how we'd accept application fees since we wouldn't want tenants or prospects knowing our home address. I figured our home was large enough to accommodate meeting new owners in our dedicated offices, but maybe that's not such a good idea, either. I wouldn't want the litter boxes scaring any potential investors away.

You would most likely want to meet with an attorney first, to fine tune the legalities. You could also set up a PO Box for accepting biz mail.
Thanks for your input. We'll definitely talk to a lawyer first, and we were planning to get a PO box, but I still don't know we'd accept application fees unless we require everyone to do it online. I'm located in Las Vegas, and it's a very cash-oriented city, and that includes application fees. I wouldn't want to restrict the ways people apply for properties, but I don't want to share my home address with prospects and tenants. Maybe it's just not an option when you work from home.
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