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updating rental aps and leases on inherited properties

I inherited a mobile home lot with existing tenants. I sent them fresh applications to complete along with a new lease. My deceased mother had them sign a four line, hand written lease. We did not have phone numbers, social security numbers or drivers licenses information on either tenant.  Today, the two applications were returned. Neither of the applicants were willing to provide their social security numbers. Only one of them provided their drivers license number. If I do not get this information from them and I have trouble collecting rent will this work against me in a court case? Should I insist on getting that information? Also, they returned only the signature pages of the lease. I think I need the entire lease returned to me so I can make a copy for them. I am thinking that just the signed signature pages will not stand up in court if needed. They are habitually late with the rent. I sent them a letter that I assume was received today (a gentle reminder) stating that they now owed a late fee as was stated in the lease. They paid the rent today while I was out of the office but not the late fee. Should I send a letter reminding them that they still owe the late fee? They live next door. So the rent is never sent through the mail.

I never ask for ss numbers, but rather have the tenants provide me with a recent credit report. However, if they are paying late, you may consider looking for new tenants... but if the rent is paid almost on time and doesnt really cause issues you may want to keep them. Do you know their payment history?
You can give them a written notification that they must either meet your demands (fill out a current rental application and sign a new lease) or  move (non-renew). Your state law would mandate the timing of the notice.
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