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Damage to Apt

I just replaced the wall mounted sink in the apt bathroom before tenant moved in, which cost ~$500. . After being there for a few months, the tenant called to say that the sink came off the wall. The plumber said that it was obvious that someone had either leaned heavily on the sink or sat on it. He then replaced the sink again and it cost me an additional $400. How do I go about getting the tenant to pay for the damaged sink repair? Can I just take the money out of the bank from her deposit or should I send her a letter requesting payment for the repair?
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Donna, Most states won't allow landlords to use tenant's security deposit for damages while the tenant is still in the home. I would send her an invoice for the sink repairs, place it in her file and make her aware if she doesn't pay, it will be deducted from her security deposit along with any other damages that may occur.
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