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Real Estate Start-Up

Hi,  I am new to this website and forum. I just graduated from college and am working on a start-up idea that I started in college during one of my business classes. My partner and I have focused our attention on the real estate rental market as an area of business where technology could improve the process and flow of current operations. Within the real estate rental market we have identified tenant placement as an operation that has not always been well received and could be improved with technology.  As students we were tired of the rental process and thought it was highly inefficient, so we are attempting to fix that with would be like an eHarmony of the rental real estate world. We have databases of tenants and landlords and match the needs of both parties to create a qualified match.  You are professionals in this industry and we would love nothing more than a couple seconds of your time to help us validate this idea. All thoughts and insights are appreciated. You can see the initial info page at  Thank you all so so much for your time and consideration!!    (Also if you have any real estate related ideas that could improve your efficiency at work we are happy to hear them as we are young computer programers and entrepreneurs ready for creation! Email us at

Hi Tyler, How will you ensure tenants are worthwhile tenants? Will you cover every state? Your website is too generic and provides no information to prospective landlords so there may be some reluctance there to sign up when you're not sure what you're signing up for. I would say you might need to rethink the website and offer more information to include answers to the questions I just asked.
Ditto !
Hi Shelley and Michael,  Thank you both for your response. Those are great questions. We intentionally left the website a little vague right now so we could figure out these questions with the help of professionals like yourselves. Version 2.0 has been in the works and will be coming out soon.   The value proposition we are going for is that we give you (landlord or property manager) a database of information on multiple prospective tenants, from which you can make an informed decision on who is the most worthwhile. Information that will help you make the decision about the tenants will include what general lease applications ask for, including credit history, criminal history, cosigner, desired price range, rooms, location, etc.  We are basically curating a list of tenants looking for a place to lease, which can then be searched by landlords/property managers (in compliance with Equal Housing Laws, so it will not show names, sex, religion, etc.). This saves the landlord/proeprty manager the time of posting and waiting on Craigslist by giving them direct access to renters in the marketplace. This is beneficial to renters because they do this one application to see where they are qualified to and save the time of looking for places.   What do you guys think? I hope I explained it somewhat clearly (it made sense in my head but is hard to communicate via text)
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