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when unit needs to be painted after tenant moves out

I know that there is an issue of wear and tear, but I needed to repaint my unit after my tenant moved out.  The walls were perfect when she moved in last year.  It was beyond the normal wear and tear.  Can I take that out of her security deposit?

What was wrong with them?
The walls were beyond washing in a lot of places in every room, and the closets were very bad.
If you have such clause written in your lease agreement than yes, you can take that out of her security deposit. I would still confirm the issue with my property manager at Lone Star Realty and will let you know.
Touch up painting is a common maintenance item if you want to re-rent.  Same as carpet cleaning.  If the entire house needs to be repainted I would think that's beyond touch up.   And, if the carpets are stained they should be charged for cleaning.  Also, if the carpetse are ruined, you can claim on your insurance.  I'd make sure I subtracted the deductible out of their deposit.
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