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Right of Entry

In Missouri, what is the State law regarding right of entry - I didn't state any specific time period in my lease, but my tenant wants 24 hours notice, and she wants to be present - am I required to give her notice for inspection, repair, etc. I know if its an emergency I don't think I have to, but I want to be sure.

Yes, you are required to give notice in non-emergency cases.
If you want to do any repair or maintenance in your house, then you have to give prior notice to your tenants. Some landlord don't want to indulge in these kinds of conditions so they use property management services. I also manage my property through Hunter Rentals&Property Management.
They by law cannot refuse entry into the house but it must be 24 hours notice. If they do not allow you in there is a chance that they a hiding something and you will want to go to the property with the authorities so that they can witness you enter with proper notice. If they do not you will need to evict them and start the process. This should get them to open the door but if not the eviction will just get them out.
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