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How to Build Relationships with Property Owners/Managers

Hi!  I just started a Drain and Sewer Cleaning company in Northern NJ called The Drain Guys.  I was wondering if anybody in this forum might have some useful tips on how to build relationships with property owners/managers.  We provide emergency and maintenance services that (from what we've seen atleast) property owners look for on a fairly regular basis.  Any suggestions would help.  Thanks!

Definitely sounds like a great and useful service. First and foremost get good reviews so that you have something to back up your sell, people want to know that you are reliable and ready to be there at any given moment. Communication is key. Second do your research for management companies and contact them directly not as a sales call but an introduction. A lot of management companies do have their own repair and emergency teams but if they subcontract out why not try to step in as there new go to guys. As for independent Landlords, visibility through sites like Angies List and other user reviewed sites lets the landlord know that you can be trusted and people would recommend you again.
My property management company, Lone Star Realty has it's own repair and cleaning team. So, I'm not sure if the companies hire somebody from outside but if you want to build up the relations then effective communication is the key to success.
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