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Smoking in non smoking property

I have a tenant who has had a tough time. We leased to her when she was pregnant, boyfriend ended up in jail etc etc. We like her, she always gets the rent paid (sometimes needs time but always catches up) and her Dad lives next door which is one of the reasons we rented to her in the first place. We allowed her to sublet to a roommate to help with the rent when the boyfriend went to jail. Several roommates later, she now has a couple whom , I believe, are smoking up a storm in the common areas (an internal staircase) and just dropping the butts everywhere. She also has a new boyfriend who does smoke but whenever I drop by, he is sitting outside smoking so I don't think it is him.  She is about to sign a new lease - can I insist that the subletters sign one with her and try to enforce the non smoking policy? I have spoken to her about this but I doubt she can really stop them from smoking inside. At this point I would even be happy if they just didn't drop the butts everywhere inside (personally I just don't get that behaviour). I really don't want to evict her. Thanks Amanda

I would have them sign the lease or evict them immediately, If they sign a lease make sure there is a penalty in the contract so they are held financially responsible and on the third warning make it a breach of contract on which they can be evicted, and must owe you the fee for monies lost and properties damaged. But be wary if you let them slide in my experience they will take advantage of it so be direct and stern or designate a smoking area.
Thanks - sounds like a plan
Agreed with whatever Susan stated. When I had faced this kinda situation at my property, the agent at Lone Star Realty took care of everything. I think even he made them sign the lease.
Adam C, Tx  it seems that you are advertising for Lone Star Realty.  How coulf you not know if lease was signed??
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