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Who's Responsible for Trees after a Storm

There was a small storm that caused a tree to split and a piece fell off. Smaller limbs are on the ground. I told the tenant they are responsible per the lease. I am taking care of everything that the insurance handles. I even recommended some people to the tenant. Who's responsibility is it?

If it is clearly written in the lease that they are responsible for the maintenance of the yard then point that out to them. They are in breach of contract if they do not. However in the case of a storm where it takes down a major piece of the property like a tree, if it is a large portion you may want to help them or work with them to clear the debris. Often working with them will make them be more understanding.
If the lease states that you handle damage and maintenance of the yard, it is your responsibility.  If it does not, and it says the tenant is responsible for all yard and land maintenance, it is they responsibility.   Only way it would be on both parties is if the tree directly damaged the house.
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