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Fireplace usage

I have a single story ranch rental property in Glenside, PA which has 2 efficient new heating systems (hot water baseboard and backup electrical ductless heat pump/ac units) as well as a plain wood burning fireplace.  Although I mentioned that the tenants can use the fireplace and had cleaned the chimney myself prior to their moving in.  They have asked me to get it professionally cleaned and noted that they were getting smoke into the house when they tried to use the fireplace and blamed the dirty fireplace.  I am now wondering if I can prevent them from using the fireplace (they are college students) since I noticed they tried to light the fire without a grate(!)   If I now add an addendum that they are not allowed to use the fireplace, would it open me up to a claim of sorts?
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Most likely they do not know how to use a fireplace, you could simply go and show them how to warm the flue.  People that do not own fireplace usually do not know these trick and very important measures.  If they do not want to learn yes by all means restrict them from using. Plus if they are burning bad wood that can damage the house.
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