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Cleaning Out Gutters

Tenant is asking me to clean out the gutters on the roof.  Is that the landlords responsibility?

This should be one of the things mentioned in the lease.  It is the landlords investment, if the tenants are asking to do it they probably wont without some kind of reimbursement. If the gutters are clogged this boasts potential water,leaks in the ceilings roof etc. Which cost more the repairs or a gutter cleaning?
Yeah, sounds like a landlord responsiblity and preventative measure to me.  If you have a gardner they will probably do it for you; may charge a small additional fee.  My gardners trimmed a tree that was rubbing on the roof, so I didn't have to call a tree service.
Yes, it is the landlord's responsibility. If you have hired a property manager then you can ask him to take care of this issue. Like my property manager at Lone Star Realty takes care of all such issues for me.
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