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Yard Maintenance

In our lease the tenant is to maintain the yard. What are my options if they don't mow the lawn?

You  can set up a maintenance fee that they must pay that covers a landscaper or set up a penalty fee or if you want a reason to get them out they are breaching the lease and you can always evict them! It really depends on how strict you want to be. Talk to them, it is a really good place to start.
As stated by David, you can ask them for the maintenance fee. When my lease was being made by the property managers at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. I made sure that the maintenance fee issue be mentioned in it.
You can change a fee. If they don't keep the yard of to city code laws, then you can charge them the fee you would get for them not up keeping the lawn. Call your city and ask about lawn maintenance and care laws. Write out a contract based on the information you get from there.
Fee is the best way to go in your case. And one more advice. Then, when it’s time to renew, if the renter wants to stay, renew at a higher rent that covers the cost of the yard care you originally expected.
was it in the old lease? Just charge the fee and have it done.
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