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Verbal month-to-month agreement

Can I demand that the tenants of my rental property get rid of their 3 dogs that have caused damage to the house even though I tolerated them up till now?The house is on a month-to-month verbal agreement.    They are over approx $5900.00 in past due rent and I want to get them out of there before more damage is done.   Other things I want is for them to remove an ham radio antennae and a commercial size stucco mixer on the property and clean up the property.  This problem is a little sticky because they are my fiancé's daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren.  The oldest granddaughter is now an adult having turned 18 this past November.
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Yes you certainly can, you need to send them a pay or quit and a fix or quit notice. If they do not within that time it is a month to month you can end the lease simply with a 30 day notice. Do not tolerate the destruction of your property or no-payment. This is a business after all. Good Luck and Run it like a business.
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