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wood stove

My tenant wants to install a wood stove in the garage for a party. I don't think it is a good idea. If I were to agree do you know how it would affect my insurance and my lease? What other issues should concern me. Otherwise these have been decent long-term tenants.

This sounds crazy, do not let this happen there are all kinds of bad things that can happen. Only do this if there is a licensed contractor doing the installation, check with your insurance first and make sure there are no codes or regulations that your county has. If it is installed wrong you could loose the house or very least have smoke damage. tell em to buy a chiminea.
That is what I thought too, Derrick. I did decide it was a no-go. I told them if they wish to heat the garage in December for a party they can use electric heaters or the kerosene ones made to do that job. NO wood stove installation. I think he was thinking how they heat ice shacks up here...sigh. Thanks for your reply. Sometimes it is good to have validation when you are faced with crazy!
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