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renter firing gun in yard

I have a house beside mine and a guy is firing his guns in the yard. This is residential our lots are 80 by 80 feet and he is shooting in 10 foot area. Unfortunately our county leaves it up to the HOA to do something about this. He is renting the house and I am wondering what the rental company would do about this or if they would care. I have friends that say the rental company only cares if he pays his rent others that say they would not want this going on.  what do you think?

If someone is firing a gun in an un authorized area or close to where other would be call the cops. I am pretty sure discharging a fire arm is illegal in most states unless the property is licensed to allow for it. Send official complaints to the realty co.
Please tell me more.   I am running a background check currently on Brian and Angie W. What address is this occurring? Did the police respond? Any prior problems? How londg has he lived there? I appreciate your feedback as they are applying to rent my home!
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