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Who pays for small repairs?

I put an amount of $200 that the tenant is responsible for, for small repairs. Should a clogged toilet be included here? What about a malfunctioning modem? How do I determine who is responsible for what? Thanks.

The landlord would in most cases be responsible for these issues. However if the clog is caused by the tenant, many people don not know what should NOT be flushed< you would want to educate them and possibly have them pay for toilet clogs. You want to make sure that there is not an underlying issue. It is your investment!  Anything that is supplied by a landlord is the landlords responsibility unless it is itemized and stated differently in the lease.  Also it is law to have a rental unit to have running water and other utilities!
As a landlord I will pay for these types of repairs until there is proof that it is directly caused by the tenants deliberate abuse. I rent to university students and you would not believe what they flush down the toilet.  I also try to inform them of why these things cannot be flushed and how much easier it would be if they did not need a plumber out there all of the time.
I don't get many clogged toilets, and when they do happen, my tenants usually handle on their own.  Modem? If you are including wifi/internet access in the lease and the modem is owned by you, then yes, I would suggest you fix it.  Boris
What type of custom agreements do you place under tthe "Maintenance and Repairs" section?
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