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Tenant agreements needed to put in general surveillance cameras

We're a property manager in Atlanta, Georgia. We want to put in general surveillance cameras around our properties. We're unsure as to whether we need to have residents sign an agreement to surveillance or if a simple notice is needed? Are there lease agreement "right to surveillance" clauses we should add to our lease agreement? Thank you, John

I am not sure what the laws are surrounding this, however I would send them a notice and then have every tenant sign an agreement to have security installed. You may not have an easy time but if you get the signatures at least they cannot sue you for invasion of privacy. Also have a map in the agreement of where they will be locates and the view range.
I don't believe you need permission from your tenants to use surveillance cameras, not if your surveillance is on the outside perimeters , and in common areas, such as hallways, foyers of the property,  you can give notice to your current tenants that your having this done,  and when screening for new tenants just let them know in advance that the property has Security Surveillance.    My cameras are visible, so the tenants know exactly where they are.  Some tenants want to live here because there is Security Cameras, use the word security and they feel better about it.  Tenants that are up to no good  will not like it, but they can't stop you from doing so.
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