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Dealing with a difficult tenant

I am new to this landlord thing.....I have a difficult tenant. I have an unmarried couple with 3 kids living in my 2 story home. The house is well kept. Ive never had to worry about that issue. The issue that I have is that when I text her to notify her that my husband and I will be coming to do maintenance on the house and she wants to be there. Im pretty sure no one needs to be there. Nothing is ever convenient for them. They are always gone. She tells me that I have to try for the next weekend. My husband and I both work full time jobs 10 hrs a day and its not always convenient for us to be there during the week. She has complained about spiders. We have Asian beetles and box elder bugs. Why would I want to spray for bugs when they leave the south door to the house open. I have pictures of the door being open when they werent home. I also dont understand why it is a big deal for my husband and I to be in the house when they arent there when they leave the door wide open and unlocked for anyone to come in to the house!! We were set to come to the house and install smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. Because of the hassle I left them with her and her boyfriend to install.     Rhonda  IA Posted by Rhonda M, IA on Monday, November 9, 2015

Give the proper notice to them. I believe in IA it is 24 hour notice to enter the property. You could use a form, or call them but in my opinion sending a form and also sending it to myself helps because I have documentation that I gave the proper notice (just in case I have to go to court). Document everything!!! Keep everything, messages, emails, forms, everything. Look up your state laws and regulations also. Cover yourself so you do not lose money. GOOD LUCK!!!
That’s why I recommend all property owners to ask for references from previous landlords. I’m sure that if someone ask you would you rent tho this tenant again, you answer would be  anything but a “yes”.
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