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Landlord tenant form question

I am considering allowing my tenant to make home improvements to my property in which he lives.  Does anyone have a legal form stating the obvious:  tenant liability, home improvements do not belong to tenant, etc... a la a contract between landlord and tenant that the work will be done?

I have a tenant that has moved out and owes 2 months rent.  We sent out proper documentation for cleaning etc.  They smoked in the house when it was clearly stated they could not.  They painted walls when it was clearly stated they could not.  It took 10 hours to clean the kitchen floor of grease.  Needless to say they also used all of their security deposit also along with added amounts that it did not cover.   I have never taken anyone to court.  I need to with this one.  I would like some help on proceeding.  Thank you, Julie James
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