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window screens

Does anyone know if in Missouri, you are required to have screens on windows on the first floor?

It is usually required for the landlord to keep the condition of the property in good condition.  Screens help to protect your property in which you invested in. If you write it into the lease that the tenant is required to repair damages to screens that were caused by them then the tenant is responsible for the term of the lease.
By law, when you are renting out, to be up to code, all windows need to have screens. This has to do with water, heat, bug, and animal damage that can occur if screens aren't in place.
When you are renting house, it is the responsibility of landlord to keep them in a better condition so that no problems will affect the person who is going to live in that house. For protecting doors and windows from natural disasters like hurricanes, storms etc. my neighbor has installed impact doors Boca Raton there is no problem of getting property damage.
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