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broker and judgement

My property management got judgment on the unlawful detainer. The judgment gets filed with the courts under his name. next thing I know he sells his property management to another broker. At this point I asked him to reverse the judgment into my name (after showing him that his services had been paid in full) He is telling me when he sold the property management , the judgment went to the new broker. It would seem to me that any funds or judgments stay with him up to the point of sale. If the  buying broker purchased the name would he be entitled to the judgment  also??  Thanks Andy
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You should have been notified about the sale that was in process, if it was a sale there will be documents on the transfer of funds and judgments. It should all be laid out for you since you were the customer and paying for your service. Also if you were on contract there should have been notice of sale and maybe even the option to end the contract. It does happen that sometimes everything does transfer directly to the other company.
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