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Mobile landlord app

Does anyone have a recommendation for an iPhone app that will track rents?  I have looking into a few but run into the same problem with all of them.  I am attempting to collect rents on a weekly basis.  I'm not managing real estate properties rather retail rentals that pay on a weekly basis.  Every app only allows you to put in monthly collection periods.  Any help would be fantastic... currently using spreadsheet :(

So you are looking for a commercial rent app?! How specific are you looking and what details is it that you need exactly if you can't find one there is always someone out there who can build it? Who knows after this thread gets some traffic you may have a developer make exactly what you need! Unfortunately I have not found an app that handle s really specific info. I like using Google docs and the app is pretty easily accessed between mobile and desktop access.
Google Doc file is good but not secure.
Of course it's secure, it requires your username and password, and is also behind HTTPS, that's what Banks use. You can also enable 2 factor verification on top of it.
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