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What do u do when faced with an ignorant court?

Boy have I got  1 4 U sports fans!I hired a Property Manager after having a series of bad tenants in this  1 particular house. I had a guy who I didn't do a proper background check on,... it turns out that the reason he was there was the police made him move out of his home while they investigated sexual battery on his daughter!!!!!This guy spent most of his time being drunk and "pissing off" anyone who crossed his path by verbally abusing them.I hired a maintenance guy to replace some rotted facia . He brought along "Bubba" & "Shorty",..One of which ,..if not both was a thief.Longer story shortened,...They wound up stealing about $2300.00 worth of stuff from the tenant. The sorry ass sheriffs dept. here isn't motivated to do much of anything, unless you have an 8x10 glossy of them in the act of doing it , so it would seem. So they got away with it.         So this guy moved out ,and I thought that was the end of it. Well, I had bought a '73 F100 pick-up off him( the tenant) and had about 3K invested in it when it came up stolen from the local garage I had it being repaired at.Another longer story shortened ,....The  ex-tenant" stole it back."Cops did nothing, court did nothing.I seriously thought about harming this guy, revenge ,etc. mixed with long talks with the Lord about forgiveness.Wound up on anti -depressants & anxiety meds, and decided that South Carolina just isn't the place for me! Sorry, this is taking so long,.. but the background is important I think!        So,..Because I 'm having all these problems, I decide to hire a Property Manager. I hire Magnolia Property Management  out of Spartanburg SC. Imeet the maintenance guy Nick at the property,GIVE HIM A SET OF KEYS,.. next thing u know,..I'm looking at a bill for almost $60.00 for 2 sets of keys!Now this guy has my attention. My thinking is that if he's going to F  me on little stuff, what's going to happen when we get to big things?  I go to the property to collect deadfall wood and the first thing out of this obese, garish,trailer trash woman's mouth is"You know my cousin!"  Her cousin is the  one who stole my truck, with the sexual battery!  I come back later to clean the gutters and measure for some screens, and lo and behold what do I see? A vehicle up on blocks, a pit bull on the front porch ,another dog running loose. The yard is in disarray,makeshift clothesline. It looks like these people are straight out of the trailer park, and living like they are still in it,... in my nice newly renovated home! Turns out they were recently evicted (Oct.-Nov. 2013) from a trailer park in Starr- Iva. They moved in my place in Feb. 2014. I wouldn't find out until a bit later about this.( the recent eviction) So, you've listened to my story this far, we're getting close to the actual case "at hand." So I fire the property Manager Johnny Pack. The first thing out of Mr. Pack's mouth is "You owe me $250.00! I explained to him that there was nothing in the contract that stated anything of that sort. And he wasn't going to get that from me. So here's where it really get's interesting folks! So what does Mr. Pack  do?  He takes $150.00 out of the security deposit,returns the rest( like $475.00) to the tenants, tells the tenants I owe them $150.00 and the tenants stop paying rent! I call him up ,tell him he needs to return the deposit, the keys, and copies of the leases."Well that's not going to happen!"I call and threaten to turn him in to the licensing board,BBB,and /or the magistrate.Well now, I get a call from Mr. Pack and he's "singing a different tune."  "Jim,you don't want to go to court , it'll cost you $, and me $ !Then when the "sweet talk" doesn't work, and I tell him to stop calling me,...He files a false counter suit thinking he can bluff me. So then here's the insult to injury, South Carolina  Has people with little to no legal background as magistrates.I hate to sound condescending ,..but this is the truth. This state is characterized by backward and ignorant p
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So don't move to or invest in SC? I am sorry, this is a nightmare of a story. Stay strong and fight the good fight James.
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