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When is a visitor considered to be a permanent "roomate"?

I just had a tenant move in about 10 days ago and he is the only one on the lease. The adult son now appears to be staying overnight, going to work, and returning each day to spend the night. The son, I just found out is a registered sex offender and has used the address to register as his residence. I have notified the local sheriffs office who has jurisdiction over it. I need to confront the tenant but want to be sure how long one could be called a visitor vs permanent resident of the condo in Ohio. Since he registered the address as his residence, I assume that he plans on living there.  If he does, I plan to procede with possible eviction of my tenant for breach of lease. I have already had calls from concerned neighbors. Thanks for any input.
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This should all be covered in your initial lease please check that to make sure that it is written in. If it is not you may want to send an addendum or notice to cover that rule and regulation. You may even send a notice that you where notified by authorities that your address has been used as an address for a registered sex offender and that they are not the one who is on the lease and that they will need to be removed from the property or the actual tenant WILL be evicted.
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