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Filing against former tenants

I  would like to know at what time should I be able to file against my former tenants for breech of contract, damages to my rental property. The past renters moved out with out notice on May 30, 2014, the house was trashed and it took me a month to fix it, in-fact, I am still doing some small work around the house , fixing what they damaged.  I have not found a new housing lawyer for mine has retired and moved South... how much time do I have to file against my former tenants. I live in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You would most likely need to file within a year. The longer you take to actually start it the longer it will take to get resolved. There are some windows of time that you may miss.  You can always ask your old attorney for this info as I am sure that they are still willing to help.
Agree with prior comments. I would recommend starting collections against them to possibly reclaim expenses and report debt to major credit agencies.  This company operates nationwide and is the best thing I started against deadbeat tenants and those damaging properties. This company will go back 4 yrs so you can start processing your claims. Landlords need to start taking action and promise this is a good program.  Call IC Systems at toll free number for more info.  Everything can be done online. 877-537-1108.  You won't be disappointed.
Good to know since I have more than one tenant that has moved out and left me holding the bag for cleaning and damages. Also since I am out of state it is not as easy to take them to court. As for using the lawyer I found using complete applications and credit checks has helped me avoid shady individuals that live you holding the bag. I hope they can help me recoup some of the losses I have had. But if I didn't file in court against them can I still use IC Systems services? mj
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