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bugs in rental property

My former tenants had done some flooding in my home which has bought out the bugs, all through the house. I have had an exterminator in to spray.   How would I go about sending notice to my new tenants that the bug man has been there (she knows already but I would like it in writing, signed by both of us) and that the bug man may have to come back with-in a month or so?  Is there a form which is used which I can download? I would like it to be as professional as possible since this might be something which I can take into court against the previous tenants. Thank-you kindly for any information and/or suggestions Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Sending a notice is always a great idea, it helps bring transparency to your relationship. Be upfront with them letting them know that you have treating their new home as a high priority.  As for the notice or letter anything will work as a formality. If you want something drawn up I am sure that there is something on this site. I have used many of their notices in the past to send out and they have always been received as professional.
Justin, thank-you kindly for the above information.  My tenants notified me of a bug issue with-in the house., I contacted my property manager whom in turn contacted an exterminator who was at the rental yesterday and sprayed the whole inside and outside of the home. I have been looking around this site to see if there was a form/letter which I could send to my renter as a follow up to what was done yesterday as well as informing her the bug man may need to come back out with-in a few weeks and she is to notify me if the bug issue continues.
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