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Dish network

I have a tenant that was having a dish installed on to my house even though my lease specifically stated NO DISH.  I called the tenant and had her remove it from the premises.  The installation left holes in the brick on my house.  I was extremely upset as a result.  Isn't it necessary for the dish network company to gain written permission from the owner before installing?

The company is required to get owner permission before installing in a way that damages the building.  You should also hold the tenant responsible for the damage.  Send a complaint to the company in writing and putting them on notice that you expect them to pay for the repair to the property.  They do not have the right to come complete the repair to their own satisfaction but they may try to insist on this.  You may choose to hold the tenant & the company responsible but you may not collect more than the cost to repair the damages.
Thank you so much Kathy.  This is very helpful information.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
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