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Tenants with constant complaints... ants in refrigerator

Some of the complaints have been legitimate, but every week it's another complaint. Ants in the refrigerator, ants in closed food, ants coming inside the car. I have had two separate companies to spray inside and outside.  Last the water supply line in the bathroom was leaking, amazing a licensed plumber put a new supply line in 2 weeks before they moved into the house.  I am to cancelled their lease, they only have 2 kids on the lease and have more kids living there. I think I need to see an atty to deal this annoying tenant. Any suggestions... I dont care about the rent, somethings are not worth the headaches.  Have a great one.

Evict the tenant on to many occupants alone, do anything you need to evict them. Make sure you file the paperwork to the court and have a record of the complaints and fixes that you have made. This should go smoothly and you can get them out. Plan on at least a month I had a similar situation with a family that had 4 extra people that just started living with them. There are also regulation on how many people can live in space depending on the size of it. They were breaking the lease. Good luck evicting stinks but sometimes it is worth that rather then angry or bad tenants that could potentially destroy the property.
Thank you for your input.
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