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Tenants clogging pipes, how to handle this ?

I have an older house with not the best pipes (although any pipes can be clogged).  Several tenants in the women with long hair, and although they use a drain catch in the shower, they don't clean it and hair often slips through.  By the time a clog is caused, drain cleaners don't do much and a snake is needed which is often expensive.  * First off, I've said they would be responsible for this cost if it clogs, but can I really enforce that if I can't prove they clogged it? * Secondly, what do most landlords do here?  I want to ask them to use a drainer cleaner on a monthly basis, but I think I'll get push back or they'll agree but not do it and I won't know.  Thanks

Long hair can definitely be an issue with plumbing and as a woman I know how uninformed many people can be about basic plumbing issues like sanitary products in the toilet and using paper towels instead of septic safe TP. As long as it is written in the lease that they are responsible for keeping the drains clear.  If you do hire a plumber, which you may want to do for the safety of your property, you can get a bill from the plumber and reason for the clog and hold them responsible even if you need to take it to small claims. Usually notifying them that this could happen can prompt them to pay. IF they are following all of the rules laid out then they may not be responsible.
I include a clause in my leases that the tenants are responsible for all clogs in the plumbing system.  I tell them at the signing that the drains are all clear now so any clogs would be from their use.  I will pay for a broken pipe and they pay to clean it after they use it.
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