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Main Water Supply

The main water supply froze and broke a few weeks ago. The damage is before the meter coming in from the street. its a commercial property so the plumber hired stopped the water leak. He proceeded to say we needed to change the pipe from the main water supply cause it was lead. Is this change mandatory? If so will the repair and changes be covered by the city? its a very expensive repair and switch. I'm in need of a quick response. Thank You

Unfortunately if it is a lead line then yes it needs to be replace and to make it worse most of the time the city will not cover the line into the property from the street. This is on you however if you had the opportunity the water dept. usually offers an insurance for this. This will help alleviate some of the cost and you can also check your homeowners or property insurance.
Hi there! This is a major damage as it is a lead line in the city the water may damage to others property as well. You may also claim for insurance. Also, you may take the help of a public adjuster for water damage insurance. Few days back my friend's got a water damage issue, so he consulted water damage adjuster such as for the insurance.
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