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Renovations before tenet moves out

I have a property 3 college students were renting it. Two of them moved out one of them remained and got another roommate the new roommate is not on a lease. The final roommate who is on the lease just gave a 30 day notice. The new roommate wants to stay and sign a new lease but once the property updated so it would be easy for her to find roommates. I started updating the property now with 14 days left until the 30 day notice is up both roommates want to move and want me to stop all renovations including a half finished kitchen floor with now the subfloor is exposed. Can they do this? They originally agreed to the repairs and updates but don't like the Dust and dirtiness that is created.

No they cannot stop you from doing a renovation. Make sure to document everything as well as give you 24 hour notice each time you enter to complete the work. As for moving out let them both go and cut your losses. It seems like this is more of a head ache than you may want. As for repair dirt it will be cleaned once the repairs are done.
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