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What is my time $$ when making repairs or clean up?

Question:   What is my time worth as a landlord to clean up a rental house yard?  Can funds be held from security deposit if rental home requires cleaning or yard maintenance and that I am willing to complete? For example lease clearly states,  tenant is responsible for yard leaf pickup and gutter cleaning.  If neither was completed, is there an hourly rate that is reasonable to charge and retain from security deposit?

Yes there is, but what I usually do is try to get a quote from a  local landscaper to see what that cost is and I use this as a price to base my rate off of. Your time is valuable and should be treated so, but it should be honest and always have some sort of proof of what work was done and the time it took when you are deducting from security.
Same thing happened just to me. Well, kind of same issue. We just had the tenant leave at end of lease gave them the PA letter for leaving and move in/move out documents. They confirmed received both paperwork. But when we did walk thru yesterday the apartment was quickly cleaned. There was pine needles in the living floor from Christmas, but she said carpet cleaner was used. The kitchen floor was quickly mopped with dirty mop so just smeard the dirt. Bathroom not cleaned urine and poop on seat. Floor in bathroom dirty, shower had scum and black yuck. Along with dust and cobwebs everywhere. Should I keep SD for this reason. And only two weeks notice requested not to show to future because they didn't want people in. So we didn't show to use this against the SD. No 30days notice, agreed for new lease 4 days later said leaving. Plus we supplied washer and dryer when they entered. Dryer broke so they got free one off Craigslist but took it with them. Several issues but any advice will help. Please
Follow up...SD was $450.00 I sent them a bill for $10.00 per hour per person cleaning total 30 hrs but truly over 75 hrs. Charged for bills they switched over before moving out $12.39. $50.00 each for washer and dryer. $160.00 bookkeeper admin fee. And half months rent $325.00 for not allowing us to show or giving 30 days notice. Total cost under the SD statement on here and balance due forms. Broke down everything cost was $894.39 minus the SD $444.39  due but stated willing to leave be for just SD. Today received notice demanding SD from lawyers. What to do??? I have so many photos and videos of damage and cleaning. Waiting to cal lawyers back Tonight found my kitchen drawers broken and glued back together with black glue. Keep in mind the drawer is yellow.Any advice
Brian  First do you know for sure that it was a lawyer that really called you or someone acting as a lawyer to scare you out of keeping the deposit. I say if you have pics and valid reasons for using the SD then you should be just fine. Stand your ground. If they want to take you to small claims court it will cost them upfront plus attorney fees and it would be way past the SD in no time. Keep good notes going forward and ask LAWYER? what practice he is with and verify. I can say that I did have one judge that did not accept my time record but he really didnt listen to much and I still one the case for back rent. My guide is as long as you document and be honest about things you will prevail. I feel that $10.00 an hour is more than fair. Good Luck!
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