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Must I give notice before mowing lawn at duplex?

Hi, I'm in Utah if that makes a difference. But one Tennant is complaining that I have to give her 24 hrs notice before going on her property? And even saying I have to give notice before doing work on other unit? It's a side by side duplex shared yard.

Hey! Yes you do need to give 24 hour notice to the tenants to let them know you will be doing work on the property.
Surely that doesn't  include me mowing the lawn on the common area of the duplex?   I understand going in her unit I need notice, but mowing the shared grass and raking leaves?
Well,  premises include the yard,  although I think she's being an idiot.  Does you lease include your mowing the lawn?  Any specific language there?  The other side of the unit is NOT her premises and she's full of it.  I mean,  if you are hammering or something,  do it during normal awake hours for the tenant,  but otherwise,  ignore her.  She sounds like a real peach.
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